Inno Supps is a leading competitor in the Direct To Consumer Supplement space. I worked with the company to create performance advertising for Meta and Google. I also contributed to their motion graphics and social media content library. 
Above are some digital graphics for Meta Advertising, some of which were top performers for the company in 2022 and 2023. This grid presents my skills in brand design, photography, photo retouching, photo manipulation, typography, and digital advertising.
Motion Graphics/Video Advertisements
Animation for brand icon and logo. I worked on the storyboarding, animation, and visual effects.
Motion graphics, video editing, and on set production.

Night Shred Black Edition is a Nighttime Fat Burner by Inno Supps. For this project I was given an explainer script to storyboard, produce, and animate. I storyboarded the scenes, produced the video content with "users", and edited the final video including animating typography and visual elements. 

For the samples above I designed and animated the instagram story featuring product bundles and individual products (Over 8 bundles and 25 products). For social media I helped create a brand system to show off product bundles and individual products. Aside from regular promotion, the Inno Supps social media also offers customers value in health/fitness knowledge through instagram story slides and regular feed carousels—above is one that I created for the supplement Turmeric and Beetroot.

Above is branded content for instagram story and meta advertising. These supplements are highly potent fat burning products and I was given direction to keep the aesthetic sporty, minimal, and impactful. The social media ad above was one of the highest performing ads for the company for over a year.

Graphic Design and video editing.
Motion Graphics and 3D Rendering
Cinematography, directing and video editing
Cinematography and motion graphics

These are clips from a high quality ad for the product Carb Cut Complete. I recieved the project script called "Breaking Up With Carbs" and produced the video ad above with the Inno Supps video team. I was the director and editor for this shoot and completed other production duties including casting and set design.

Thumbnail image for Carb Cut Complete Ad. Google Ad image that directs to product landing page. Mix of photography, photo manipulation, and Ai Image Engineering.

Cinematography, Motion Graphics, Photo manipulation, Ai Engineering,

Video Editing, Motion Typography, 3D Rendering
Motion Graphics, 3D Renderings of bottles, video and sound effects editing.
Motion graphics and video editing.
Motion Graphics, 3D rendering and video editing.
Motion graphics, 3D rendering and video editing.
Art direction, motion graphics, storyboarding, and sound mixing.
Graphic design and animation.

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