Late Night Breakfast is an event hosted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas(UNLV) as a FREE event for students. During my tenure at this institution I was responsible for creating impactful marketing that drove student engagement on campus. I worked on the brand identity and other materials including: marketing, advertising, and merchandise. This event occurs during the middle of study week at UNLV and aims to give students a break from late night studying.

This mascot logo was inspired by 1960s retro neon and large format artwork. The primary color in the brand identity matches UNLV's School Color: Scarlet. This logo and it's various alternatives we're produced as stickers and handed out at the event. As the Student Involvement & Activities Program Assistant, I was responsible for marketing and event planning in collaboration with Rebel Events Board.

Late Night Breakfast Logo and alternates as collectible stickers. Red flannel with white logo and branded Mug are part of giveaway packages that students can win at the event. 

Promotional Hoodie for the second annual Late Night Breakfast. I designed the icons on the shirt and worked with a local supplier to fulfill a small quantity. 

Late Night Breakfast Mug featuring the three icons in the brand identity on a space black background with star illustrations.

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